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Article Writing Tips - 10 Ways to Write Better Articles Faster and Easier

  1. Form a Unique Selling Proposition
    The unique selling proposition, or USP - is speaking in simple terms, the main advantage of your company. Every business should have its USP, which would have made him stand out among the crowd of competitors. Why should a client apply it to you, not to anyone else? Ask yourself this question. Then ask yourself the same question, only about your competitors, why the customer should contact them, not to you? After receiving the answers, begin to formulate your USP
  2. Bet on the product advantage, not description
    Presenting your productbe sure to specify the benefits. Or in other words: do not paint, what is a product paint, which he does. For example: do not write "floats from our company - its fishing gear made of such a material ..." better write 'floats our company perfectly capture, to save you from the pangs of a failed fishing and will not give the fish any chance to get away unnoticed”
  3. Ask a question put the problem
    Just turn on your TV, wait for the ad unit, and carefully listen to the first sentence of rollers. Do you hear something like "in my stomach a noise?", "Do not have time for a full meal?", "Tired of the high interest rates on loans?"? This is the essence of the third strategy - set a clear challenge to those who are exposed to it, and then immediately offer a solution. The reader should understand that only you can answer this question.
  4. Use short, but succinct proposal
    Fasting should always hit right on target. Do not try to make long sentences, complicated stuffed turnovers and grammatical structures. Short, but informative statement will always look more favorable. Avoid using passive constructions.
  5. Create intrigue
    Do not lay out all the information on the move, make an element of intrigue. Make the reader interested and view the publication to the end.
  6. Refer to each reader
    Not by name and patronymic, of course. Turning to the specific group of readers bound by any criteria, make it look like a direct appeal. It is not necessary to register each publication in a similar way, but treatment could interest a specific audience.
  7. Create a sense of the need to use the service
    Give the reader to understand that it needs to pay attention to your publication and use the service right now. How many times have you seen an interesting post / video / article procrastinate and forget? To avoid this from happening, give the reason for which the subscriber needs to do it here and now.
  8. Give a call to action
    Despite its apparent simplicity, this method is effective with the right approach. Encourage visitors to use your services. Use verbs imperative, "Read this article to find out ...", "read below that ...", "share your opinions in the comments," and so on.
  9. Insert an interesting fact
    Interesting fact, a quote, a small statistics always attracts attention. Alternatively, you can take the title in the citation from the publication itself. Just remember about the Council of 5 points - do not quote the most important information. Summary statistics are also effective: "7 out of 10 researchers believe that. In addition, the use of figures in the text and attract the attention of the reader, and the prime numbers are always available to understand.
  10. Provoke
    Do not be afraid to make provocative statements. Not to be confused with the reckless provocative statements. Everything should be in moderation. Your main goal is to surprise and interest the reader, and not to frighten or even offend.
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