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Best Essay Help - Writing techniques for an attractive essay genre

By its own characteristics, the essay genre would become a valid tool for the teaching and learning of academic writing. The different academic discursive genres have a very rigid formal structure, which could overshadow the creative impulse of the students. Motivation is fundamental to enjoy the practice of writing, and constant practice is central to acquiring strategies and techniques of comprehension and writing. What better than a motivated student to face the continuous practice of academic reading and writing? The essay would provide the student with a framework where he could develop more personal, more creative writing, without losing sight of the expository and argumentative coherence that the academic genre should have.

The essay, as a hybrid genre, accepts multiple inter- and intragenic combinations: between genres, the academic and the literary; in the same genre, the monograph linked to the paper and the report, or the narration with poetry. Although in the essay the narrative-explanatory and argumentative textual sequences will predominate, it also allows narrative, descriptive and even dialogical sequences, which introduce dynamism and subtly relieve academic formality.

To use the essay genre as a tool does not mean to leave aside the systematicity of the academic genre, it simply tries to extend to the student the limits of the structure. If a student's text has problems in argumentative logic, syntactic cohesion is compromised and spelling mistakes are detected, a revision of the work will be necessary, even if it constructs a very original and compelling narrative. Therefore, it is advisable to practice writing essays when the student already has previous knowledge about academic genres and research methodology. In fact, by being able to dispense with the external critical apparatus, the quotation of authority is relegated as an argumentative technique, which means that the essayist must know how to use other rhetorical resources to support his hypothesis. The essay must try to articulate the tentative character and the conclusive character of the argument. It must have five main resources: paradox, ellipsis, polemic, metaphor and aphorism. The freedom of approach of the essay does not result in a disorganization of the discourse, on the contrary, it requires a greater expository and argumentative development: "he writes essayistic ally the composer who experiments, who turns and stirs, interrogates, touches, examines, traverses his object with The reflection, the one that leaves towards him from diverse slopes and gathers in his spiritual glance everything that sees. Having the possibility of relegating the systematic definition of the concepts used, essay writing should pay special attention to the form of the exhibition. Analytical and critical thinking is enhanced by the traits of the form of gender (permeability to other discursive systems, examination and reflection as condition and matter, etc.). The essay, in inquiry, creates, and in creation, inquires.

Following the characteristics of the essay genre, practice with essay writing (through planning, writing and proofreading activities) would be helpful for the acquisition of the formal and theoretical elements of academic writing. Working with the essay gives students a margin of creative freedom without renouncing the need for analytical thinking in the process of argument and inquiry.

Although it must have a logical argumentative architecture, the essay does not have formulas or fixed models, which requires students to understand and analyze the discursive situation and to write the text accordingly. Students should use strategically the different rhetorical and argumentative techniques, must decide which textual sequences to use and how to structure them.

In the construction of the essay, not only explanatory argumentative and expository sequences (predominant in academic texts) are used, but also through the hybridization and freedom of the genre, narrative, dialogical and even lyrical sequences can also be used. Like other contents, academic reading and writing can be considered and practiced as an exercise or as a problem. In an exercise, the student already has the elements, the techniques to solve the activity automatically. That is, the exercise possesses the possible solutions to elucidate it quickly. In contrast, the problem places the student in a new or different situation, which cannot be solved by applying automatic mechanisms and procedures. In order to solve the problem, the student must carry out "a process of reflection or decision making on the sequence of steps to follow", in order to strategically use techniques already known. By focusing on the characteristic features of problems, we can observe their similarities with essay writing.

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