11 Simple Tricks to Know Before Accepting One-Page Essay Writing Challenge

If you have been assigned a one-page essay writing task by your professor, you might be happy about it because it seems a simple task. Well, as far as the length of article is concerned, you should really be happy about it because lots of work can be saved but on the other hand when it comes to its overall structure, it can be a really big challenge to accomplish. Actually, One Page Essay is like any other essay in which you have to include main components i.e. introduction, body and conclusion. It simply means one-page is the test of your research and writing skills because you are required to cover everything just in one page. However, with proper planning, you can easily complete this task successfully. Here are some simple yet so effective tricks to accept One-Page Essay Writing Challenge:

1: Read Instructions Carefully  

First of everything, you need to read task instructions very carefully. You must clearly understand what your professor wants you to write. Most of the professors announce their clear policy to deduct points in case the essay increases in length which means no matter what happens, you must not let your essay increase or decrease in length.

2: Choose an Interesting Topic

If you have been assigned a specific topic by your professor, don’t change it on your own. But if you are given various choices or you are free to choose any topic, choose the one that fits best with your interests. When you have a good topic to write, you can easily produce required word count.

3: Outline Important Points

When you start outlining important points, you create a long list but of course you can’t talk about all so you have to trim down your list and pick 2-3 main points to discuss in your assignment.

4: Avoid Highly Argumentative Points

Make sure to choose only those points which can be explained easily in few sentences. If you choose highly argumentative points, this might be quite difficult for you to explain them later as you will be required to make too many efforts in supporting your arguments.

5: Create Introduction Section

It is time to create the introduction of your essay and for this, you need to write something attention grabbing. The first few sentences must be catchy so you can engage your readers and convince them to read further. Give thesis statement in the very last sentence of this section.

6: Write Body Section

Once you finish intro section, move to the main body of your essay which will work as the supporting paragraph for the thesis statement. There must be a smooth and flawless transition of paragraphs with thesis. Every single paragraph should stand alone as an individual point.

7: Write Concluding Paragraph

To wrap up your essay, you need to write a concluding paragraph in which all important points that you have already discussed in main body should be explained. Since you are creating a draft for your essay, it might get longer than you expect but eventually you might be able to trim it down in the next round.

8: Edit Overall Essay

Once you have completed your first draft, you need to edit it carefully. Remove unnecessary points and condense longer sentences to the shorter ones. Your task is to bring your essay within one page and you must cut as many words as necessary.

9: Reconsider All Points

After editing process if the content is still larger than one page, you better reconsider all your points and if you find any additional points that do not make any big difference in your thesis statement, you must remove them out.

10: Proofreading

Once you are able to trim down your paper to make One Page Essay, you need to go for final proofreading to cover up grammar, punctuation and other types of errors. Also read professor’s instructions one more time to ensure that you have worked as per the instructions.

11: APA Formatting Style

If you are assigned to write your One Page Essay in APA Formatting style, you will include three pages in your paper. The 1st page will show the title, the 2nd page will contain main essay and the 3rd page will carry references. Some other requirements are as follow:

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