5 Strong Reasons – Why Students Should Use a VPN Connection While Browsing?

5 Strong Reasons - Why Students Should Use a VPN Connection While Browsing?

Anyone who hears the term “VPN Connection” for the first time must wonder “What is a VPN Connection and why to use it?” Basically, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is a very popular and reliable method to get an extra security for private as well as public networks like internet and Wi-Fi Hotspots. Gone are the days when VPN services were used only by the large business organization and government agencies to provide maximum protection to their sensitive data. Now many internet users including professionals and students prefer to use VPN to ensure their privacy even if they are simply looking for online assignment help.


Why Students Should Use VPN?

Someone who is using internet though a virtual private network gets a new IP address by VPN service provider and it enables him/her to appear from another place instead of the original location and in this way, the browsing history remains untraceable. You must be wondering why use a VPN when you are not doing anything wrong except online assignment writing help. Yes, you are right, you might not be doing anything wrong but you still need maximum protection from hackers, agencies and authorities and there are various good reasons.


Reason # 1: Restrictive Internet Usage Policy by Academic Institutions

As a student of a school, college or university, you might be required to read, understand and accept strict networking policies of your institution. The management of an academic institution may impose their strong restrictions as they deemed in the best interest of students but it blocks free use of internet. In some institutions, you can’t access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or other websites. However, you can break this rule by using a VPN Connection if you think you really have to get access to the restricted areas of internet for research and study purpose. If you simply wish to get assignment help online, it is better to stay under virtual private network for safe browsing. We don’t suggest any violation of a college/university policy and t is completely upon you either to use a VPN or not.


Reason # 2: Don’t Let Search Engines Record Your Browsing History

You must know that the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing keep history of your web browsing which simply means whatever you do on internet is recorded by the search engine you use. Browsing history is usually recorded to improve advertisement campaigns because it allows search engines to remember your choices. Your computer’s particular IP address is attached with advertisement campaign so you could be shown relevant ads close to your choices. However, sometimes, it could become a cause for embarrassment and therefore, you must find a solution to keep your browsing history private. By using VPN online, you can keep your history private because your computer IP address will be cloaked by the VPN provider. If you want to buy assignment online, we recommend using of VPN to stay protected.


Reason # 3: Use Public Wi-Fi and HotSpot with Safety

Majority of internet users don’t know and many of them don’t even want to know that the public Wi-Fi which they use at hotels, restaurant, shopping centers or airports are not secured at all due to zero encryption which means you are using internet while in a dangerous zone and your confidential browsing, secret information, personal data and even email is not confidential anymore. In such cases, it is quite easy for hackers to enter into unencrypted Wi-Fi signals and it could be done even through a simple Firefox plug-in. Are you wondering how to use vpn? Well, it is quite simple as you just need to log into your public Wi-Fi and then turn on personal VPN connection that you buy from a service provider.


Reason # 4: Travelling to Another Country? Stay Connected to Specific Home Based Networks

If you are travelling to another country, you would still like to stay connected with your teachers, classmates and family but what will you do if your local network is banned in the country to travel? Again VPN free online connection will enable you to get reconnected with your loved ones. You can even get access to your local news channels, television streaming and sports game. If you are looking for assignment solution online in a different country than yours, you still suggest you the use of VPN tunnel connection as it will make you appear in your own country.


Reason # 5: You Don’t Deserve Reprisal or Retaliation

If you are a student, one day you will hopefully become “someone” you really want to be. For example, you become a celebrity, your privacy would be at 100% risk because there will be individuals as well as agencies trying to disclose your private information. If you become a marketer, you will have to keep an eye on your competitors but you would never want them to know that they are being watched and who is watching them and thus, you would love to use a VPN connection. You might become a researcher, writer or journalist and as part of your job, you have to go through a large number of sensitive topics such as violence, war crimes, women rights, child abuse etc. In all such cases, you could be track backed. Thus, it is in your best interest to use a Personal VPN connection to make yourself untraceable.

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