7 Proven Tips for Successful College Application Essays

The process of applying for colleges is not an easy one for students given the fact that they are doing it along with their high school studies. In the last year of high school, students are advised to begin their research for colleges so that there are no last minute decisions to be made. The entire college application process includes the completion of online application, submission of documents and the most important, essay. No matter where in the world you apply for college, the application essay will be required.

Before starting the essay, you should know why it is so important. The admissions committee analyzes the personality and capabilities of a student through the essay they write. They pay close attention to the style of writing, professionalism and use of words. Here are seven proven tips that will help you write a successful college application essay:

  • Read and interpret the question carefully: Each college application will have a different essay topic so you should know how to interpret each topic correctly. Wrong interpretation could lead to negative consequences like the admission committee assuming you to be poor in interpretation and hence unfit for their college. The best way to become better at interpretation is by practicing. Read and interpret numerous topics online so you know how to interpret accurately.
  • Take pre-writing suggestions from academic counselor: Every high school usually have one or more academic counselors to guide students with the college applications. They are experienced individuals and are aware of the best advice to give to students. Before you begin your essay and after you interpret the topic, consult the counselor to take some suggestions on how to go about an application essay since this is probably the first time you are writing a college essay.
  • Write a rough draft: The best strategy to adopt for college essay is writing a rough draft, rewriting it and then making it fair after working on the feedback from experts. Never write a final version directly to save time because that would be at the cost of your acceptance to college.
  • Use of simple words and straightforward vocabulary: While writing the drafts of your college essay, keep a close eye on the words you use and the vocabulary. Best college essays are those which are easy to read and understand because there are hundreds of them to be read by admission officers.
  • Be precise and avoid exaggerations: Unlike normal high school essays, you cannot add unnecessary details in the body but have to be precise in everything you write. Try to be straightforward and add as many details that can help your essay stand out from others.
  • Speak from personal experience: College essays are meant to listen to your voice and experience to analyze you as a person. Do not try to seek help with what to write from others because you can do that best.
  • Proofreading before submission: Once you write the whole essay, do not submit it without getting it proofread by someone. Minor sentence and punctuation errors can create an unprofessional impression on admissions committee who will assume you to be irresponsible. So get someone to read your essay and point our mistakes so you can change before leaving.

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