Are Essay Writing Companies Ethical? thousands of writing companies that help students – But what is the reason behind it?

Writing Companies That Help Students

According to the recent research, hiring someone to write an assignment is increasing day by day. With just one click you can get over to hundreds of thousands of writing companies that help students write A grade paper in best possible rates.

But what is the reason behind it? Well, there are hundreds of reasons behind ordering your essay to some writing service. The main and the most basic is that a lot of students also work with studies and they can’t take out enough of time to concentrate on research and writing. Others may have poor grammar or they might be unfamiliar with the basic writing and research techniques, due to which they usually get low grades that leads to depression, confusion and frustration among students.

A lot of colleges and universities have strict policies prohibiting students from buying essays from essay writing services. According to them buying essays from online writing services are ethically wrong and if a person caught buying they will be expelled then and there. However, if we look on to the other side of the coin, in professional world, assignment writers are increasing day by day, either freelance or full time paid writers. The main question arises here: “If these writing companies are ethically wrong, then why is this business growing day by day?” Well the answer of this question is discussed in this article later.

Essay writing services: An insider’s view:
The above question arises in my mind a lot of time, my curiosity forces me to learn more about custom writing services. I spoke to different writers from different writing companies. According to these writers there is a constant increase in assignment writing business, every day, thousands of students order their essays to some online writing company.

According to one writer, I was into writing industry for last 10 years, and I can bet on it that essay writing business is growing continuously. Mostly foreign students buy essays, maybe because of workload or due to troubles with different academic language. Students today don’t want to take stress, therefore they choose to order their assignments to some professional writing companies.

Who actually are these people who write assignments for money?
The demand of custom essays is growing day by day; which leads to increase in the number of writing companies as well. While there is no proper data about the total number of companies currently exists. Today with just one click you can find hundreds of thousands of writing companies that guarantees to provide students’ outstanding essays in extremely affordable rates. This competition benefits customers directly or indirectly. Students can easily get a quality write up that too in best rates.

Due to increasing demand of writers, the hiring process is also getting tougher. Writers have to pass several written tests in order to prove their critical thinking, research, analytic and communication skills. In the end the only writer who has excellent command of the English language will get the job.
Therefore, in order to avoid any hurdle later it is always suggested to talk to the writer in person and be 100% sure that the writer you hire is a professional one. They must have command of writing an outstanding essay on your topic.

Cheating or Plagiarism:

With the advancement of technology, it is now easy for students to get their assignments completed that too with perfection by hiring some professional essay writing company or freelance essay writers. Getting help from anyone is not a new practice. Even before the Internet, students hired ghostwriters that help them to write their assignments. But today student with just one click can get help from professional writing company no matter where in the world they are.
But, does buying assignments are unethical or comes under cheating or plagiarism? No, never. Plagiarism in simple words is copying someone else work and submits it with your own name, while on the other hand, when you buy an essay from an online writing company they are providing you an essay that is written from scratch free from plagiarism and you have all the rights to call that assignment your own.
Online writing services not only provide writing services but also you can ask them to proofread and edit your written document. This is as similar as asking your elders to read your essay once in order to fully satisfy yourself that the write up is 100% error free.

Other advantages of online writing services:

Following are other benefits of buying essays from online writing companies:
• Proofreading and editing
• Paper writing
• Homework help
• Help in writing essay outline
• Coursework completion
• Selling example essays
• Doing essay research and provide the references

No matters on which position a person is they always need someone to write speeches for themselves. Presidents even CEOs of the company hire a person to write speeches for them. Same thing a student do they pay money and ask a professional writer to write an outstanding essay for them so that they can also get good grades. Therefore, if you are facing any difficulty in writing an essay you always have the choice to buy essays. But make sure the writer or a service you hire must be professional and have some name in writing industry otherwise all you money and time will go in vein.

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