Could everybody write an Essay?

This is an important question to answer because in today’s scenario there are not many effective essay writers are available. However, there are some guidelines that can be followed in order to write an essay in a proper manner. The basic steps that make essay result oriented are, select the topic for an essay, explain or define the goal of essay, develop the outline, write the essay and the last but not the least step is proofreading. The first step is of utmost significance as selecting the right kind of the topic for right kind of audience or readers makes the job of writing efficient to sufficient level. The second step of an essay does have a great influence on the readers and it is because of the fact that scope or objective of an essay will definitely motivate or persuade the readers to read the whole essay.

The analysis and thinking about the topic or subject along with the goal of the essay will help in commencing the writing process in the desired manner. The third step is also significant because of its impacts or consequences on the completion of the essay. The creation of outline is as useful as the creation of essay itself. This is the structure of the essay in which all elements are prescribed in an appropriate manner.  There is another critical benefit of having an outline as it develops the focus or concentration that is required in the process of essay development. In this way, ideas and concepts that are usually involved in the subject or topic are expressed in organized or sequential pattern.

Another step is the commencement of essay in which the introduction should be constructed in such a manner that could attract the attention of readers. This is the part of the essay, which is mostly seen and observed by the readers and after seeing the introduction of essay readers actually decide whether to read the whole essay or not. The structure of sentences used in this part is significant because it provides the description of the topic and at the same time the purpose of writing an essay is also defined in the introduction part or section. The next phase of essay development is the presentation of the main body in which ideas along with notions and assumptions are prescribed so that main features and attributes of an essay are mentioned in an efficient manner.

There can be different kinds of examples utilized in the main body in order to endorse or support the assumptions and statements provided in the main body. The last section is the conclusion in which the deciding clues or facts are described and it helps in drawing the closing thoughts or remarks on the essay. Recommendations can also be provided for the future course of actions in the conclusion section of the essay.  The proofreading of the essay does make an essay readable and attractive. The process of proofreading involves checking the order of paragraphs including revision of grammatical errors along with sentences structures and other instructions that are important to consider in essay creation.

After considering all the aspects and factors that are involved in essays, most of the people could become an effective writer. If people are motivated enough to write and express their ideas in a proper manner, then there is strong likelihood that many people will become good essay writers. Hence the question that was asked regarding the essay development can be effectively answered in this way.

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