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Writing an essay on a societal issue has been difficult for me as there are many aspects which need to be considered. I have always researched well about the topic and then proceeded to write it. If you are someone who is facing a similar problem with your essays, then be sure to take help from trustworthy sources.  I have even thought to pay someone to do my essay and have failed with that. Therefore, I move on to write essays through my own understanding. Below is a sample of one of the essay which I have written. You can also gain some idea from it if you are given a topic on animal rights or something similar.

Introduction: Humanity and compassion is still alive in some people who are able to think beside their own well being. The problem with human beings is that they are always thinking about themselves. There are other living things on the planet and as human beings are considered the most superior, it is our moral obligation to look after the other organisms on the planet. Animals are creatures that are not able to think logically. They are considered as wild beings who wander around aimlessly without a particular purpose. Therefore, animal rights should be protected and should be given priority as human beings also benefit from some of these animals and also keep them as pets to show their inner caring nature.

The morals behind it: The morality behind animal rights has not been justified yet. Laboratory experiments are one of the major issue, scientists or researchers are making life changing discoveries based on animal experimenting. The actions on animals are not marked as what is appropriate and what is not. However the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claim that human beings have duties against the treatment of other species. Some people show respect against animals by adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. They show devotion against the animals by avoiding eating any type animal meat. However, meat is encouraged to be eaten for a healthy and a balanced diet. Therefore, the essential nutrients in meat are important for a person’s diet.

The ethics behind it: The way animals are managed on a farm is sometimes not ethical. They are injected with harmful chemicals so that they can produce a large amount of meat and make the process of breeding faster. The animals are not kept in a hygienic environment and sometimes get prone to diseases which cause in death. The death and illness of animals are not considered important as animal rights are not given importance in most of the societies.

The research behind it: The people who are in support of animal rights cannot deny the fact that human life has improved from the contribution of research in which animals are used for experimenting. The remedies for many life endangering diseases have been cured by the research done for these medicines. The researchers see no other option, other than using animals to experiment the effectiveness of various medicines. However, organizations such as PETA have taken a step forward and have made rules and implemented them to safeguard the rights of animals all over the world.

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