Essay writing phenomenon in contemporary field of education

Essays could be perceived as the way of expressing ideas or notions about any particular topic in an influential manner. There is need of understanding this aspect that students or other people who wish to write and attain desired outcomes in the domain of essays are needed to focus on so many other things. This is crucial because of the reason that essays could be developed and composed based on their types and at the same time the topic selection also plays a key role in writing essays to a considerable level.

Therefore, students are required to show interest and dedication if they want to attain success or achievement in the field of essay writing. As far as the role and importance of essays are concerned, there is no point of denying this attributes that students may improve their learning by means of essay writings. This aspect must be taken into consideration that essay writing is the most common exercise or activity that provides different sorts of learning opportunities including learning outcomes. The learning outcomes could be attained in the desired manner provided that all the requirements or demands of essays are fulfilled.

There are various kinds of essays and these are argumentative, narrative, expository and reflective as well. There is another form of an essay which is crucial and has so much influence on the area of essays and this is classification essays. The persuasive essays are regarded as those essays in which the readers are persuaded towards a specific point of view provided by the author of the essay. These essays are also known as argumentative essays because in these essays arguments also play a crucial part in the development of essays.

The narrative essays are those kinds of essays in which any story about the particular incident is discussed.  The procedure of storytelling could be based on the perspective of the author and at the same time the story could be told from another perspective as well. There is no hard and fast rule regarding perspective as such.  The expository essays are also important to consider because in these essays readers are provided any kind of concept or notion that is based on actual information or data. There can be different kinds of ways applied in these types of essays so that the objective of writing expository essays could be achieved.

The reflective essay should also be taken into consideration because these essays present the personal experiences of the writers or authors to the readers or target audiences. These essays are significant in providing an opportunity so that students or people could think about the personal experiences about the writers and in return they could learn from these experiences. These types of essays are actually selected based on the consideration of topic and subject matter. Therefore, sometimes it depends on the approach and method through which all these types of essays are developed.

Last Remarks

These all types of essays are helpful and beneficial in providing and delivering required deliverables in the end. At the same time, it is the responsibility of students as well as other people that they should understand the requirement of topics and essays first of all. This aspect should be realized in a detailed manner because of its importance that it depends on the writer to exploit and achieve desired learning outcomes after writing any kind of essay. This also suggests the importance of different types of essays and their impacts on the domain of education can also be explored or examined through these above-mentioned ways.

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