Healthy Diet for College Students

Since college is filled with a number of tasks, adventures, challenges and some tragedies, it is very important for students to consume the energy they need to cope with everything. The main source of energy is food and hence experts emphasize greatly over how important it is for students to take care of their diet throughout their time at college. This emphasis was laid after survey release how students try to save time by either skipping meals or not spending enough time on diet.

During my time at college, I never compromised on my diet whether I had a quiz, exam or had to write my essay since I was and still am very passionate about body building and fitness. However, healthy diet is not only necessary for fitness but also to remain active in tasks. Following are some tips for a healthy diet at college:

Breakfast is the most important:

An expert once said and many others later agreed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides human body with the necessary energy required to perform all the tasks throughout the day. No matter how busy you are, how important class you have to attend or how important exam you have, skipping breakfast will only push you to a disadvantage so do eat proper meal during breakfast.

What to eat and what to avoid will depend upon your weight since there are separate diets for skinny and obese students. Whatever you choose should be consumed properly in appropriate amount.

Keeping snacks and food items in dormitory:

This tip will be found helpful especially during the period of exams. Students are often very lazy in getting up from bed and get something for themselves to eat while studying. They also believe that if they get up, they will end up wasting a lot of time. For this reason, experts suggest that you should keep some snacks like crisps and biscuits with you in the dormitory at all times so you can keep on feeding yourself. This will help you restore your energy throughout the day and skipping lunch would not be harmful.

Do not starve to lose weight:

A common misconception among students is that if they eat too much, they get fat and if they eat too less, they get thin. In an attempt to lose weight, people often start skipping meals and begin to starve. This kind of dieting could be inconvenient and seriously hurt a person’s health. There is a proper diet plan for weight loss which includes all the meals but with a different menu. Fitness experts are experienced in this field so take some guidance from them in this matter but do not starve.

Sugar intake should be controlled:

  • College students are reported to use excessive sugar mainly because of fizzy drinks, tea and craving for sweetness. While sugar contributes to the calorie count in your body and may be beneficial in some cases, it often leads to tooth decay among students. Diet sweeteners are great alternatives to satisfy your cravings without being afraid of the consequences.

I always maintained a balanced diet and was able to write my essay, appear for quizzes and complete assignments on time because of a healthy lifestyle.

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