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A Good student is the one who always enjoys writing essays because it helps them shine in front of the real world. Essays are the first and most basic form of an assignment in which a writer presents his thoughts on a piece of paper on different topics within the limits of a given word count.

For such students, every essay comes with a new challenge, the challenge of writing a new essay better than the previous one. But the problem arises when you are out of words and got stuck in the middle of the essay. You at any cost have to make it 100% perfect. What will you do now? Well, you don’t need to worry now. Here in this article, we shed light on some tricks and tips on essay writing that help students write an impressive article within no time.

Read other essays on the Internet:
Reading books or assignment help students mold their own English writing skills, so if a student makes a habit of reading other people’s essays it will help them to build and develop their essay writing skills. Read essays on a different topic on different subjects, not that just those subjects that you are studying. Every subject has different kinds of writing styles, so the more you read an essay the more you get a chance to make your essay better.

Once you have finished reading the essay, list out the points that you think are best, the points that need improvement and do you think that the argument they present here in the essay is balanced, does the writer present enough of evidence to support the argument. This list will help you make necessary improvement in your next essay.

Vocabulary building is a must if you want yourself to stand out in your class. Every day make a list of 5-10 new words and try to memorize them with their meanings. This will help you convey your point of view more effectively. Good vocabulary creates a good impression on the teachers.

Below are some ways that help students build their vocabulary:

• Use of thesaurus
• Use dictionary and list down the words that you think are new for you
• Learn roots, suffixes, and prefixes

Always remember, never use big words, as it might create a negative effect on the reader. Your main goal is to make your essay easy-to-understand by all, not just by one person.

Use words that build an argument:
Another important thing that makes your essay outstanding is not repeating yourself again and again. Make sure the words you use must make some sense; there must be proper sentence structure and grammar. For example, instead of using “also” again and again, you can also use, ‘however’, ‘furthermore’ and ‘moreover’. Repeating a single word, again and again, will make your essay weak.
Sentence structure, punctuation, and syntax:

A simple sentence structure will make a huge difference in your essays. A reader with this one sentence can judge how intelligent a writer is. It is already discussed above that a good essay is one that is easy to understand by all, but this can also be possible by using interesting syntax within sentences. There is no restriction on how long or short a sentence it, but don’t let your sentence too long that the reader will forget what he actually read at the start of the sentence.

Another thing that is important in an essay is the use of effective punctuation. Always remember, a good essay is one that forces the reader read the full essay with interest. It must be engaging and interesting. Essays are written in the formal tone, but that doesn’t mean that you turn it out boring. Be confident while writing.

Proofreading and editing:

Before submitting your essay, it is always suggested to read your essay two or three times in order to make sure that they are 100% error free. You can also ask your elders to proofread your essay for you. Also, there are a lot of online essay writing companies that help students proofread their essays in reasonable prices.
Today it is extremely easy to get your hands on professional writing companies. With just one click you can access to hundreds of thousands of essay writing companies that not provide you with writing service but also help you proofread your written essays at an extremely affordable rate.
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