How to Write a Book Review?

Writing of review for the book depends upon an individual. The fact is that both of us can be amazing just because when writing a book review the person gives their own findings. Writing a book review is not about summarizing things but it means um gives their own opinion and discussion of the particular book. When you write a book review make certain you give a genuine and real opinion about the book. Certainly, this will help other people to take notice of the particular book.

Everything is included in a book review and the book about what is in its pages what is its purpose this all is done in ones on tone. Why writing a book review you can share your own idea and express whatever you have in your mind be that and your argument or anything that is against the book.

Today we will discuss that how should we write a book review. There are a couple of things to keep in mind let us see which ones;

The summary

Once we have the summary ready, it’s time to order our ideas. It may make it easier for you to put them on paper or on your computer. Here, what is involved is to collect all the impressions that we have written down and to have our own opinion of the book clear. When we have this done, let us see what more is there to do it well.


Begin writing a book review with some sentences that describe the book. You need to tell in own words what the book says and its purpose. Write about the plot and the characters that it has. You can also mention either it’s a serial or a novel.

Mention what you like about it

You need to tell the plot again and large it with the part that you like about it. I am sure people will love reading a book review written by you if you follow the correct structure. Mention about the characters and which one you liked.Also tell why you liked the particular character. Describe the role of characters that you liked and all. Lastly tell the audience what was your own personal opinion while reading the book, whether it made you happy or made you cry with reasoning.

Tell what you hated about the book

It is not necessary that you have to write the positive aspects of the book in a book review. There is a freedom of expression and you can write what comes in your mind, be it anything that is not in favor of the book. Keep in mind book review means your very own clause. You can collect all that you think about the book and why or why not will you tell about this book to other people!

Who should read it?

In this part, you need to mention that what sort of the book was and whom you recommend this book to; which set of people you think will like this book. Trust me this is very interesting and not difficult at all.

Rate the book

Last but not the least you can rate the book and give it the marks out of 5 or 10. This entirely depends over you that what you think about a particular book. It is not necessarily that the book you dislike or like will be same as in opinion for others too. Every person had their own thoughts, opinions, and likings. In this part, you can also write a bit about the author that who they were and how they struggled to write this book. Making sure that whatever you write in innovative and has genuineness in it and nothing is fake and unrealistic.

Personal vision

The order in which we write it will depend on us. In most blogs, they mix these two points of view, but we advise you to put the critical vision first and then the personal one.

Tips and recommendations to make a good literary review

We give you some tips to write a good review of a book:

  • Always have a paper and a pen next to you to write down all the ideas or impressions you have while reading.
  • Mark pages in the book or underlines things, as long as you can check back later.
  • You can read the book a second time to make your opinion and criticism more compelling. In a first reading, we get so much into the story that it is harder to be critical. When we read it again, as we already know what the book is about, we can focus on a more exhaustive analysis.
  • Do not be tempted to read other reviews online, they can influence your own opinion.


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