How to write a good essay in English with Introduction – Essay writing is an art


Essay writing is an art. In order to write good essay writer must have to follow some guidelines. Someone can just start writing on any topic without knowledge. Everyone have some knowledge but not on every topic. It is necessary to gain knowledge first. The first step must be reading about topic. Reading is the most important aspect of writing. Before starting essay writing the writer should have to do research about the topic. The writer must read sufficient information that is already available in any platform e.g. internet, books and social media etc. After spending some time in reading about specific topic when writer feels that he/she has sufficient knowledge then they should note some key points that they found important during reading or research. It will help to write essay smoothly in less time. If key points are not noted then in that case more time will be required.

According to an expert UK essay writer at SpeedyEssay, the essay must consist of introduction, body and conclusion. No heading should be used means no need to put introduction, body and conclusion as headings but the essay should contains all three portions with details. Now we discuss what should be in these three portions.

  • Introduction :

In this portion some interesting statement should be placed in order to get readers attention. It is most important because if introduction is not interesting then user did not read the essay. After writing some interesting statement now writer should place some concise statement regarding the essay. By reading this statement the reader must know what aspects of the topic are covered in this essay. This will help in order to maintain interest in reading. Normally introduction should be on four to five lines. The introduction should be not more than five lines. If the writer finds out that introduction is of more than five lines then it must be edited. We have concluded that the reader gets their first impression from the introduction portion. This highlights the importance of introduction. Always try to avoid the passive voice because it is not recommended. Experts say that active voice is more powerful than passive voice when writing the introduction.


  • Body:

The portion below the introduction and above the conclusion is known as body. Its purpose is to provide more detail about the topic of the essay. We can simply say that the writer put all the details about the topic in the body of the essay. It does not have any specific length. The writer can easily decide how much information should be placed in the body of the essay. It is recommended that to justify your points some examples should be included in the body so that the story or information will gain reader attention.  The things in the body should be tie together, writing general information is not a good idea. Writing must be in a simple way the reader can easily understands where one portion is ending and where other one is starting. When writing an essay the writer must use paragraphs in order to avoid confusion. Paragraphs help the reader to understand the context clearly.

  • Conclusion:

Conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay. It is mandatory to sum up all the things discussed in the body. The reader must convince with the writer claim. In order to strengthen your claim the conclusion should be strong enough to support it. If conclusion is weak then it will destroy the meaning of the essay. The reader always wants to know the authenticity of the things discussed. It is necessary to align all the aspects of the story. This is the last chance to build the writer case. The conclusion is the most difficult part of the essay because it is the last chance to convenience or satisfies the reader. The most common mistake in conclusion is copying the introduction. This is not good idea because reader is not expecting same content in conclusion and introduction. The writer can use the same keywords but cannot use same type of sentences that are already in the introduction.

This is the pattern that will help in essay writing. It is explained in detail that three portions are important and how can you write them easily. Experts believe the three other factors that are directly linked with essay writing are planning, variety and practice. If you want to become good at essay writing then you should be good at planning after planning you should try to put variety in your writing so that you can easily get the reader attention. Practice is necessary everywhere in our lives so it is also necessary in essay writing. The practice has no alternate, no one can write good essay without doing practice.

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