How to Write an Application Essay

I still remember the day when I was oblivious about how to get admission into NYU (NewYork University). Little did I know that it was one of the most important steps of my academic career. To get admission in NYU is not a simple task. I had to go through a lot of struggle to finally present an essay which was plausible and was worth submitting. I had thought to pay someone to do my essay, but my morals didn’t support me and so I went on to write the first masterpiece of my life. I cannot provide you the exact details but can give you some of the points which surely worked for me. When you read through these points, I hope you can write your admission essay in an effective manner.
Do not follow a list: Most of you may think that you need to include all your achievements and abilities under one essay. However, you are forgetting that the admission committee will assess those academic skills from your grades. The purpose of writing the admission essay is to show that you have something different than all the candidates out there. Therefore, focus on portraying a different story to the eyes of the audience. Have a clear idea of what to write by deciding something unique which will compel the faculty to select you.
Add a bit of humor: You do not want your audience to get bored while reading your essay. Even if your focus is on creating an emotional scene, you need to lighten up the mood by adding a bit of humor. This can be done by including a clever metaphor, a well-placed witty remark, or a little self-offensive humor. This would change the tone of the essay and will make you look mature and professional. However, overdoing it may also look bad as you need to keep it in moderation. If you are not good with humor, then you should avoid this technique. Do not substitute subject matter with humor; it should just be a bonus to the entire essay.
Set a proper tone: Decide what kind of a tone you need to write your entire essay in. The whole essay subject will be based on that. Also, don’t be too informal even if you are writing a descriptive story. You need to keep in mind that you are going to submit your writing to a renowned university. Keep the quality in check by proofreading it and trying to eliminate any mistakes.
Show your true self: Writing about something fictional or false self praising would not work because it won’t come from your heart. Explain your passion, write about what you love and you will not face any difficulty. Your words will flow from within! This can be a clear guideline of what you should write about. Pick an interesting topic which you have enough information about; because admission essays should not be brief. Imagine that your audience is going to meet you for the very first time in their lives. Therefore, you might want to make the best impression of yourself.
I hope these tips help you get through the hectic task of writing a college essay. Remember that there are many reasons for success, and few for failure.

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