How to Write an Essay Plan?

To write an Excellent Essay, you must have an Excellent Essay Plan which involves different stages of preparation before actual writing begins. A well-thought-out plan would definitely help you organize all your ideas in a logical manner. Besides, you will stay right on the track while working on different sections of your essay. Moreover, it will simplify how you will be proving your strong arguments. Here are some major steps to create a perfect plan:

1: Have a Close Look at Essay Question

Your essay planning begins with a close and clear look at the essay question which requires lots of concentration and focus. If you misread your question, the rest of the process will definitely be misleading. Therefore, you must never ignore this important step.

  • Read the question as many times as you need to identify what it is all about.
  • Look for the words such as discuss, compare, analyze or contrast etc as these will let you decide what approach needs to be taken.
  • On the basis of question, formulate the answer you are supposed to give in your essay.

2: Develop a Clear Thesis Statement

An essay plan should point out the possible answer to the essay question. A clear thesis statement would be highly useful in setting up direction of the arguments and you would be able to create the essay structure accordingly. So what is a thesis statement?

  • It is a statement that gives an appropriate answer to the main question.
  • It is a claim which you are going to discuss in details in main essay body.
  • It should be consisted upon 1-2 concise but comprehensive sentences.
  • It could be considered as part of the introductory section.

Once you have achieved some progress in your research work, you will definitely be expected to make an absolutely concise, clear and most importantly effective thesis statement.

3: Gather Main Points of Discussion

On the basis of your thesis statement, you can move further to indicate a possible answer to the question. The hunt for answer will bring you some major points for discussion and these are the ones which will create an entire essay. What are the main points?

  • The main points of the discussion or arguments build up overall body of the essay.
  • A separate paragraph should be dedicated to develop each important point.
  • In an essay of around 1000 words, you may choose 3-4 main points of discussion.
  • It is always good to express each point in a complete sentence form as this will bring clarity and further help in establishing a paragraph in a very well organized manner.
    The experts also suggest arrangement of all main points of discussion logically.
    These should be ordered according to the importance and sequence of discussion.

4: Decide How to Conduct Research

The answer to the thesis statement, major points of discussion and evidences to support your arguments are found out through a well organized research process. Once you have understood the question and its actual requirement, conducting research would be the next step to take. So begin your research process to find most important text for your essay but keep these points in mind:

  • During research you will find a huge amount of information but of course you are not going to use it all. So separate out the most important information related to your subject question.
  • You will also be using references from authentic sources to support your arguments and therefore, you must pin out the important references.
  • Most of the websites, blogs and books have references within text and bibliographies at the end. Go through the references to further explore your subject.
  • Bibliography format is usually recommended by the academic institution and therefore, it is important to use the one suggested by your own school.

5: Outline Your Essay Structure

Once the research stage is completed successfully, you can move to the next stage and that is essay structure. Though, there could be more sections, the most standard essay structure include three main sections i.e. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

(a) Introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay and you must keep it brief but complete. This should include four main elements:

1. Essay Question
2. Your Response
3. Main points
4. Methodology

The introductory section should finish with a linking sentence that paves way for opening next section.

(b) Main Body

Essay’s main body is the area where all your claims, arguments, comparisons and discussions take place in detail. There may be multiple paragraphs as per the requirement of the topic but each one of them should be linked with each other.

  • Discuss every point in detail but with complete clarity and try to answer the question.
  • Don’t just add up word count as this will make your essay an unworthy stuff to read.
  • Produce enough evidences to prove your points.
  • Use references but never forget to reference them properly.


Most of the people are under the wrong impression that the concluding section is merely a repetition of points you discuss earlier in intro and body sections. However, that is absolutely wrong because this section is as important as rest of the essay. Therefore, you must plan it before you write it.

  • Basically, a conclusion is summing up of writer’s main ideas he discusses in body section.
  • The readers should get a clear idea about the entire discussion.
  • It is also important to include some suggestions or improvement on the basis of entire discussion.

While you are planning your essay, allocate enough space for this section to take notes from first to the last paragraph. If this section is planned carefully, this will greatly help you achieve your targets of writing your essay.

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