Making assignment writing efficient through smartphone apps – Technological advancements have transformed

assignment writing efficient through smartphone

Technological advancements have transformed the lives of every individual throughout the world because it has made innovation possible in countless ways. In every field and industry, technology has become an essential part of the process without which no economic agent can survive. Technological advancements can include any equipment, process or invention that boosts productivity and makes life easier including but not limited to construction machinery, agricultural processes, gadgets like laptops and tablet PCs, software and smartphone apps. Without such advancements, world would not have been such a great place to live in.

Education sector is a prominent industry that transformed the ways teachers teach and students learn. Efficient learning has been made possible because of these technological advancements and students claim that they are able to learn relatively faster than before when I used to write my assignment during college due to the improved methods and inventions. Professors also find it easier to deliver their content to hundreds of students altogether using technology and they also agree to the fact that technology is required in the education sector to maximize efficiency in learning.

Why would efficient methods of doing an assignment help you as a student in the first place? Following are some of the most common reasons that students suggest:

  • Gives them more time: One of the major struggles of college students is the scarcity of time due to which they panic at the eleventh hour when deadlines are near. Therefore, they try all the possible ways that can allow them more time to spend on assignments and essays assigned to them. One of the ways is by making assignment writing effective due to which you will be able to complete the given tasks on time and spend the saved time on other tasks. So they need to become efficient in the writing process.
  • Avoid missing deadlines: Another reason is that students often tend to miss deadlines either because they forget to submit the task or omit it on purpose as they are not able to complete it. Using technological ways of doing an assignment can avoid you from facing any such issues and you will not miss deadlines again.
  • Accuracy and convenience: The third reason that students state for why technological advancements are a blessing is that it makes assignment writing very convenient for them. Also, human error is possible when proofreading content but accuracy can be achieved using the help of technology.

With these avoidances, students believe that they should adopt every possible strategy that makes assignment writing efficient. Following are some of the best smartphone apps that can help you complete your assignments in the most efficient manner:

  • Documents on iOS: If you are an Apple user, this app can be of great use for you because students usually need to save a lot of files on dropbox and other cloud drives. Extracting them again and again from their locations is quite inconvenient and may take up a lot of your time so Documents can compile and save them in one place. You can then conveniently access each file from one place instead of opening every location where that file was originally saved. Also, the app is available for free!
  • Wunderlist making lives easier: There are very few apps that fulfill a number of requirements of the students and Wunderlist is one of them. Available on Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, Wunderlist allows students to create multiple lists of tasks, set as many reminders as they want and connect their account with other Wunderlist users to collaborate with them on any projects. This kind of a multitasking app is very useful to become efficient as you can set deadline reminders for assignment, plan the assignment and discuss with group members all at one place with convenience.
  • Wolfram Alpha the most popular? A survey revealed that a majority of students use Wolfram Alpha for various purposes. From math geeks to scientists and music lovers, Wolfram alpha is a complete source of exploration where you can find solution to almost every academic problem. It is usually required to solve mathematical problems because it reveals complete step-by-step solutions and is also used to extract statistical data by Economists.The best part about Wolfram Alpha is that despite being so useful and resourceful, students can download it for free on iOS and Android operating system both. It had been very convenient at times when I used to write my assignment because I used to get a lot of information and statistical data from Wolfram Alpha.
  • RefMe is the revolutionized way of citing books: Despite the fact that majority of students prefer conducting research online and using e-books, there are instances when books have to be used. Since citing sources is important, students can do that in the desired style automatically using online tools but when it comes to books, RefMe can help. By just scanning the bar code using phone’s camera, it can cite the book for you in whatever citation style you want. Again, the app is free and is available for a vast majority using either iOS or Android phones.
  • Scanner Pro for advanced level students: There is a frequent need to scan papers for various purposes and Scanner Pro is exactly what students need at that time. Available only for iPhone users, Scanner Pro allows conversion of picture taken from camera to be converted to PDF or JPEG instantly. The final result is so accurate that it is impossible to tell if a real scanner has been used or not. However, you will have to buy the app but the benefits are worth paying for if you are one of those who need to save or send scanned documents on urgent basis quite frequently.

With these apps, you can easily make your assignment writing process efficient and ensure that you ace every assignment and follow the deadlines.

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