Ten steps for writing an essay

When it comes to discussing the pros and cons of academic education in a detailed manner, then this thing becomes more obvious that essays do play a key role in the success of academic education. In addition, essays could be defined as the phenomenon through which students are able to learn so many different things with such an ease and comfort. Therefore, educators put more emphasis on essays writing assignments because they can transform the learning of their students to a great extent in this way.

There is no point of denying this attribute that students in this modern era still perceive essay writing tasks as challenging and demanding. This is because of the reason that essays are designed for the sake of discovering new facts and other key attributes in the desired way. At the same time, students could enhance their various skills such as cognitive skills, research skills, and other skills to a considerable level. Therefore, in order to make students realize the importance of essay writing, following are the 10 most influential steps discussed so that students could understand the phenomenon of essays in a better way. These are as follows:

  1. Comprehend the question asked in the assignments

This is an important aspect to consider which depicts the significance of understanding the question asked in the assignments. As far as the importance of this comprehension is concerned, it is better for students to understand the questions in a detailed manner.

  1. Research about the topic thoroughly

Students are strongly recommended to observe and research about the topics of essays as much as possible. By doing so, students will be able to understand the topics in a great way and at the same time this activity will enhance their awareness about the topics and subject matters to a reasonable level. This is the way by which students are able to construct a productive essay writing plan for their essays and they are also allowed to take writing help so that they can develop essay writing plan in a better way.

  1. Describe the topic in an interesting manner

At the time of writing an introduction for essays, students are required to develop an interest so that the readers are encouraged to read their essays. Therefore, students are supposed to learn through which they can write introductions in the best possible manner.

  1. Include main postulates and real life examples

This aspect should be kept in mind by the students that essays become more significant when they are endorsed with the help of real life scenarios and examples. Therefore, it is always better for students to describe and explain relevant approaches and examples through which their essays could be transformed into meaningful and productive essays.

  1. Produce realistic writing plan for your essay

An effective writing plan for essays could provide desired outcomes to various students provided that students make sure they develop result-oriented and relevant writing plans for their essays. As far as the importance of essay writing plans are concerned, this can be perceived as a roadmap through which the task of essay writing could be accomplished.

  1. Talk about the main section of the essay

This is one of the most crucial section or part of the essay in which you are supposed to discuss the pros and cons of topics in a detailed way. At the same time, you are also encouraged to use examples and assumptions in order to support your theories and postulates as well. Therefore, this section holds so much significance and this section can develop result oriented and influential outcomes of the essays in the end.

  1. Talk about objectives

Before starting the process of essay writing, being a writer you are supposed to establish some kind of objectives so that you can work in the desired direction. After ending the phenomenon of essays you should compare the actual results or outcomes with the planned objectives. In this way you will be able to achieve and attain actual outcome of your essay in a great way.

  1. Discuss and Elaborate the conclusion

An effective conclusion will certainly help the readers to understand the results and purpose of writing the essays to a considerable level. Therefore, in this concern writers are supposed to elaborate the results or outcomes so that readers get enough learning and information about the subject matters.  There is need of understanding the importance of conclusion in the right manner as writers are able to figure out the final outcomes of the essays with the help of discussing the impacts and consequences of the essay.

  1. Brainstorming the notions and creative ideas to add value in essays

With the help of brainstorming, writers could produce marvelous impacts on the minds of their readers because brainstorming will help writers to use creativity in their essays. This has become a critical step through which students as well as professional writers could take lot of support or help as they come up with something amazing and brilliant concept at different points of time. Therefore, students or other potential writers are strongly recommended that they should focus on the significance of brainstorming as much as possible.

This is the way that can deliver the goods in the end and at the same time students are needed to use their creativity to certain extent.

  1. Finally edit and produce the original stuff

In this concern, being a writer it is better to check all the requirements of essays so that you have considered all the required things in the essays. This is crucial to understand this aspect that evaluating the final versions of the essays actually help writers to proofread and at the same time they are also allowed to make minor changes and corrections in their essays.  As a result, students or professional writers will be able to produce the desired content. On the other hand, readers will get an opportunity to read and understand original piece of essay in the best possible manner.


Essay writing process should be perceived as an art rather than normal procedure because students are needed to apply creative concepts in this process as much as possible. Therefore, students should understand the significance of the essays because students can learn different sorts of things with the help of essays in their academic lives.

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