Top 4 Easy Essay Writing Tips

A lot of students find essay writing one of the most difficult tasks. But remember by concentrating little on this important task you can easily write a good essay in no time. This article is especially for students who are consistently struggling with essay writing. Here in this article we shed light on four easy steps to write a high quality essay in no time. The main thing that is must focus in essay writing is the essay subject, how to begin an essay, the structure of an essay and the content and analysis of an essay.

  1. Picking a right topic/subject for an essay:

Topic selection and decide the theme of an essay is the first thing that a student must need to consider before starting an essay. Usually an essay topic is given by the teachers, but if not, then it is your duty to find the best subject that interests you as well as you have some knowledge of it as it will be much easier for you to write on such topics.

Once you have a clear and well-defined topic it is now the time to structure your essay.

  1. Structuring an essay:

The crucial step in writing an essay is to understand the significance of the structure. Know your essay structure keep you on the track during the entire writing process. Take your essay structure as a framework around which you write your essay.

Firstly, focus on researching your essay topic and jot down the main points in bullet forms – later you can change these bullet points in paragraphs. It does not matter at this stage in what order these points are in – you can sort them out at a later stage.

  1. Word count of your essay:

Another important aspect of an essay is its word count. Let’s say you are assigned to write an essay of 2000-2500 words divide this word count into three main parts – introduction, body paragraph and the conclusion. You can further divide body paragraphs into 4 or 5 paragraphs each of which contain different main points. Divide the word count accordingly.

  1. Content and analysis of an essay:

Now it’s the time to work on the details of an essay. Keep the main points of an essay in front of you and writing each in your own words. Check out your essay, research notes and check whether you have some information regarding it or not. Read out each research material carefully and try to write it in your own words and that too must be in an informative way. If required compare two or three claims and write down what according to you is more valid and way in your opinion.

Make sure there must be some connection in each paragraph to the next. The most difficult task to tackle in an essay is its analysis, especially when you are at the first stage of essay writing. But it is must write as it makes your essay readable and worthwhile.

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