Top 5 Reading Tips to Finish a Book Every Day

Reading Tips to Finish a Book Every Day

Every successful person spares some time each day to learn something new and the best way to do this is to read a book. This habit should not be limited only to the school years but in every stage of life one should continue book reading. Remember, a book makes you a better thinker, teacher, leader and most importantly better human. You can say to others please help me write an essay but you can’t say please help me finish a book a day because you have to do it on your own. You have an entire year to finish a book but how good it would be if you could finish a book in a month or even in a day? Seems challenging? Yes it is but we can give you some general tips for speedy reading which will definitely help you finish a book in a day or two.


1: Get Rid of Distraction While Reading

When you start reading a book, you must get rid of distraction because this could be your worst enemy as you can’t concentrate. Distraction can be caused by anything like baseless sounds, children with toys, constant notifications on your Smartphone, your friends or even your pets. It simply means you need to find a location where nothing can distract you such as your bedroom, backyard of your house, a park where not too many people visit etc. Some useful speed reading tips are:

  • Keep your books, highlighter, pens and notebook with you
  • Think of having a reading partner with you
  • Keep snacks and water with you and take when feel hungry
  • Avoid listening loud music or your favorite songs as they could distract you
  • Don’t get discouraged or slip from the current topic
  • Don’t panic even if you are reading thrills or horror


2: Listen to the White Noises to Stay Focused

Do you know what white noise is? Well, it is a kind of noise which can be produced by mixing sounds from variety of frequencies. We normally hear a large number of sounds and sometimes we don’t even know what they are but when we get them together, we produce white noise and the same white noise can be a great reading help for you especially when you are trying to finish your book in a day.  While you are reading a book, you can use a headphone to listen to the white noises and you will be surprised to see how effective it could be to focus on reading. Some of the places where you can find best white noises are:

  • YouTube
  • Sound cloud
  • MyNoise
  • CalmSound


3: Don’t Let Your Enthusiasm Blow Away

When you have to spend too much of your time on a specific task, sometimes, you get mentally tired and your enthusiasm blows away which means you are a dead reader and of course, you would not like to do it. The most effective way to keep your enthusiastic level high is to take small breaks between two reading sessions. If the book that you are reading is interesting and attention grabbing, you will not lose your reading tempo or else you will soon get sick of it. Therefore, you should take small breaks such as having snacks, listening one of your favorite song or looking outside the window for few minutes. But you must not lose your track as you have to read a lot more than you have already done so you must be focused on your target.


4: Give a Try to eBooks for Uninterrupted Reading

A large number of people use Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites in their Smartphone just to pass free time BUT if you wish to take maximum advantage of your time, you would rather read a book either in physical form, soft version or even online. If you are reading a book, you must take it with you wherever you go because you can read online or offline whenever you have free time. If you are traveling in a train, waiting for your bus, standing in a long queue outside the bank to pay your utility bills, you can always read your current book. Some of the best online book reading sites is:

eBooks.Com  – Here you can find thousands of fiction and nonfiction books in all popular subjects. – A huge collection of books from popular authors are available to read – Another great source to get access to thousands of eBooks, auditobook, DVDs and Magazines.

Amazon Kindle Books – You can also get access Amazon Kindle Books to get amazing reading experience.


5: Try an Audiobook.

If you are always moving and don’t have time to stop and read a book, you can use an auditobook as a great alternative to the physical books. The greatest advantage of using audiobooks is that you can do multitasking such as doing your office work, cleaning your room, cooking your lunch or even taking exercise while at the same time listening to an audiobook. Though, it might seem to be a little slower than traditional reading way because sometimes the narrator is slower, yet it could be a great way to do multiple tasks simultaneously.  This new way of gaining tons of information has left the traditional way of reading behind. In fact, you can finish even more books in less time. Some of the best places where you can find audiobooks are:


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