Top Tips to Keep an Essay Relevant To the Topic

One of the major mistakes that many students make in writing an assignment, whether it is essay writing, research paper, dissertation or thesis, is the habit of drafting from their topic. Writing a great essay is not a big task if you pay less attention on the topic. A good essay is one that not only starts with a strong argument on the topic, but also ends with the same question.

Some writers make a strong introduction, but in the body part they start to wander from the topic, due to which they end the assignment in the completely wrong direction. If you are one of them who make this mistake frequently then this essay is just for you. Here in this article we share top tips to make your essay relevant to the topic as given by your professor. Remember, all your hard work might be rejected if you do not follow the simple steps given below for writing an essay.

Planning your essay:

It is always recommend to always start your assignment with a comprehensive, clear plan and then make sure to stick to it. Your plan also acts as an outline of the paper where you will include all the three main parts of an essay, i.e. the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Write main points that you think are necessary to add in these three parts of an essay. Under each main point also write one or two sentences. Make sure the main point you mention here must be according to your essay topic. Go through the points again and make sure that they are relevant to the topic and if not it is better to get rid of those points at this stage only.

Referring back to the topic:

This is a simple method but make a huge difference.  It is always a good idea to use signpost sentence each time when you start a new idea or paragraph. This will help you connect strongly to the essay topic.

Developing the essay argument:

Often students start with a strong and clear introduction that forces the reader to read further, but when they reach to the body paragraph they start losing the main concept of the essay.

One best way to keep your focus on the topic is to make strong relationship between different paragraphs of an essay using separators that grab reader’s attention such as furthermore, conversely, firstly and secondly. This might sound easy, but it plays a major role in grabbing a reader’s attention into the overall argument instead of disregarding your essay paragraphs as unrelated to the question.


Always remember that a successful essay must have two most important parts, the introduction and the conclusion. An introduction helps you grab the reader’s attention while a conclusion provides a clear and concise summary of an essay argument. The essay conclusion can be used to prove why the body paragraphs of the essay were relevant to the essay topic or question.

If you don’t want to lose your precious marks, then it is necessary to avoid this most common mistake. Above are some points that help you avoid this mistake and force your professor to give you high grades.


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