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Out of several things that contributes to the reader being convinced by an argument, tone is one major factor. Keeping essay writing service aside for a moment, what kind of tone do you adopt when debating on a very serious topic and why? Most debaters will probably use a serious and dominating tone so that they are able to shrink down the confidence of the opposition. Hence, we can see that use of different tones is extremely necessary in various situations in order to persuade or convince the audience.

Whenever I used to ask a friend to do my essay in high school or college, I noticed that there was a lack of tone in every sentence he wrote. While you can identify a huge number of tones such as rude, excited, angry, frustrated, sarcastic, and enthusiastic and so much more, experts classify them broadly into three simple categories:

  • Serious and humorous tone:Self-explanatory to an extent, the tone can either be serious or humorous to be very broad. The essay writer will adopt a serious tone when talking about something that matters and holds significance. However, humorous tone is not exactly the opposite of this. Some highly creative writers and performers talk about a very serious topic but suddenly switch their tones from serious to humorous for a moment and then get back to their previous tone of seriousness. A great example that strikes my mind is that of Ken Robinsons speech, specifically ‘do schools kills creativity’. He talks about a very crucial topic and wisely adopts humorous tone frequently in his speech. Similarly, you can play with tones in your essay to make it interesting and engaging.
  • Formal and informal tone: Now this category is to be used more carefully than the previous one. If you are writing an essay for something official, you cannot adopt an informal tone anywhere in the essay because that will create a negative image. However, you can always be formal when writing an informal essay or paper since there are nearly no rules for informal essays at all. However, an informal essay is usually meant to be interesting and there is a great opportunity for the writer to use informal tone so as to create a humorous impact. Hence, it is better to avoid formal tone in informal essays unless you can amazingly adopt the formal tone somewhere in between without making the readers feel bored. This is one skill that many motivational speakers possess.
  • Ironic tone: Irony literally means saying something but doing exactly the opposite. It is not easy to adopt an ironic tone in essays because you need a highly creative mind and skills to do that. However, you just need to show a glimpse of ironic tone being used somewhere within the essay and need not to exaggerate on it. Irony is further classified into verbal, situational and dramaticirony which are quite self-explanatory. Verbal irony is something that means exactly the opposite of what is said while situational refers to scenarios that turns out to be opposite to what was expected.

Instead of asking someone to do my essay, I always used to play with tones and write them myself because it actually makes the essay interesting, not only for the audience but for writer as well.

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