Want to Improve Your Writing Skills? Use These Student-Friendly Resources – Writing Assistance Blogs for Students

Writing is the most important skill for students as well as professionals and if you don’t have great writing skill, you must try to improve it as early as possible. If you are someone who has already tried but couldn’t be successful, most likely, you would like to know tools, techniques, and resources we are going to discuss in this article. Though there could be hundreds of others resources, the ones we have chosen today are easy-to-use and quick-to-access making them the most preferred choice for the students:


1: Writing Assistance Blogs for Students

There are hundreds of blogs out there waiting for you to read and learn writing tips and tricks. Believe me or not but that is true that reading is the most way to improve writing because when you read, you discover a lot of new words, phrases and sentences for your articles, blogs and research papers. I am not specifically mentioning any blogs here as you can simply use Google to search the best as per your needs. Some of the best things that you can find on academic blogs are as follow:


  • Writing tips
  • Creative writing techniques
  • Story writing and storytelling tips
  • Exercises, tests and IQ check papers
  • Skills testing tools
  • Informative and interesting articles
  • Writing tools and resources
  • Other valuable stuff


Advice: If you are not very fond of reading, you should try to make it a habit of reading at least 5 blogs every day if you have time.


2: Use Grammar Checking Tools

For perfect writing, you must have a strong command over the use of grammar because writing is all about grammar and if don’t know correct grammar rules and differences between confusing words, use of punctuation etc, you can’t expect yourself to create someone of great importance for your readers. You can easily find grammar checking software and tools online which will help you to correct mistakes in your content. Now you need to do three basic things i.e.:


  • Learn Grammar: Yes, you must try to learn at least basic grammar because this will solve most of your problems with writing perfectly.


  • Use Grammar Checkers: Once you have written, you better use proofreading tools which will enable you to detect mistakes and correct immediately.


  • Use Spell Checkers: A large number of students face problems with their spellings as there are so many words which have difficult to inculcate spellings.


  • Check out Confusing Words: While you are writing, you will find so many words with similar spellings and different meanings and you must keep a watch on these words.


3: Research Assistance for Students

If you want to write an in-depth research paper, you are going to need research sources and if you don’t have quick access, you need guidance on how to do proper research to find most relevant and most useful information. There is a large number of websites which can help you with the research process and one of them is a ResearchGuide. The best thing about this site is that some highly informative and useful research resources, guidance and tutorials can be found here such as:


  • Academic writing tips and techniques
  • Effective use of Google and other research engines
  • Research paper assistance
  • Use of APA, MLA, Chicago writing styles
  • Best techniques to stay away from plagiarism
  • Sample end-noting and footnoting
  • Use of parenthetical reference
  • Bibliography writing tips
  • Common use of abbreviations
  • Other information


4: Get Access to Creativity Portals

You know if you can think creatively, you can write creatively and therefore, you must have innovative ideas in your mind frequently. Some students need others ideas’ to create something similar or even better with their innovative approach and the best way to boost your mind with novelty is to feed it with articles, news, blogs, interviews, and stories from others. We have chosen one portal here which is known as Creativity Portal and it claims to be an award-winning platform for communities. Some of the best things that you can find here are:


  • Creative thinkers with vast imagination
  • Tons of articles with engaging stuff
  • Playful and fruitful activities
  • Projects that can impress you
  • Interviews from the successful people
  • Imaginative prompts
  • Mind exercises
  • Travel adventures
  • And a lot more


5: Give a Try to Mind Mapping Tools

Last but not the least is mind mapping tool which can easily be found on the internet. For those who want to initiate lengthy writing projects but can’t manage their stuff which may be their notes, links, progress tracker, knowledge base etc, they would love to use mind mapping programs which are basically developed to increase productivity. One of the popular tools for mind mapping is known as FreeMind. This tool can be helpful in the following areas:


  • Project Tracking: If you are working on more than one project at a time, you don’t have to worry about the record because you can monitor and track each and every project right from one place.


  • Save Links: If you are a researcher or writers, you would need to create sources of information so you don’t have to search for them on search engines every time you need them. So save all your links at one place for easy access.


  • Knowledge Base: Sometimes you visit a website and take some notes for later use or sometimes, you take a lecture for notes and in all such cases, you can create your own knowledge base.

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