What Is Time Management? – Time Management Tips To Work Less and Play More


A huge number of people complain about having less time for completing their tasks and they often wonder “what is the time management”. The term is frequently used during academic and career-building periods but most of us often remain confused how to use it effectively.

To understand time management definition, first, you need to understand “what is management”. It is simply a process of planning, organizing and executing a variety of activities to accomplish organizational goals. Similarly, Time Management is the process of efficiently allocating available time to different activities.

Advantages of An Effective Time Management

An effective time management would allow you to carry out multiple tasks effectively and efficiently without putting an unnecessary burden on your mind and body. Once you understand the importance of time management, it will be a lot easier to understand how to manage it smartly.

Remember that if you are unable to plan and organize your time, your overall performance will be badly affected. Some of the biggest advantages of an effective time management are:

  • Better Productivity: You will be able to work more efficiently which will be resulted into much better productively.
  • Good Reputation: Better production means a well-established reputation among clients, customers, and management.
  • Zero Stress: When you are in more control of your time, you will experience zero or very little stress.
  • Career Growth: Business or career growth will take you to its peak
  • Life Goals: You will be in much better position to achieve your life goals

Investing some time in understanding and learning time-management definition will certainly bring you huge advantages.

8 Most Effective Time Management Tips

1: Find Out Where Your Time Goes

The first step to develop effective time management strategies is to find out where your time actually goes. Sometimes a simple task may eat up most part of your everyday time which should otherwise be finished in an hour or two. So find out those time eating alligators in your everyday life.

The most effective way to figure out your time investment is to use some sort of time management tools such as Calendar, Toggl or Rescue Time. Just one week is enough to figure out which is the most time-killing tasks in your routine.

2: Divide Your Time among Different Tasks

When you allocate a time period for a specific task to complete it, you will experience amazing results. If you would like to prepare a monthly accounts statement, and you know it should take 4 hours, make sure to finish it within this period.

You can start your work at 9 am and finish it at 1 pm. This will positively help you prevent getting distracted by other activities.  Convert yourself into a time-efficient professional and you will soon see results.

3: Plan An Entire Week on Sunday

A week begins with Monday and goes up to Saturday so you have only Sunday to plan your entire week. Though, most of the people don’t like to work on Sundays as they prefer to spend it with their families, spending 30 minutes or less can save you a lot of work-related stress throughout the coming week.

4: Arrangement of Tasks as per Priority 

One of the best time management techniques includes Arrangement of Task Priority. Yes, you might have to deal with various tasks but not all of them are at top priority. So you can divide your task in two categories

1. Short and long tasks
2. High and less priority

First, put all the tasks as par priority order and then further choose short and long tasks to accomplish on an everyday basis.

1. Top Priority Task: Monday and Tuesday
2. Low Priority Tasks: Wednesday
3. Time-Consuming Tasks: Wednesday and Thursday
4. Meetings and Discussions: Friday
5. Weekly Pending Tasks: Saturday

5: Maintain a Daily To-Do-List

When you start your day, create a daily to-do-list and put all the tasks on the basis of priority and complication. In the initial hours of the day, you have the highest energy level but as you move forward, you will begin to lose your energy.

According to Speedyessay professionals, it is always good to finish tough tasks in the first session of the day before lunch. To get even better results, you can make changes to your daily plan from time to time.

6: Don’t Get Distracted

If you work in a crowded environment, you might get so many things to get distracted. So it is good to avoid distraction and the best way to do it is to be less social during working hours.

Log out of your facebook, twitter and other social networking accounts because the notification will take your attention and you will lose your track. Another useful tip is to listen to the music to avoid noises from around.

7: Know What is Time

When you know you have to finish the task within a particular period of time, you better keep a watch on computer screen or a time piece in front of you. Knowing whats the time will help you stay on track.

8: Don’t Follow Perfection

Trying to be perfect is good but when you spend too much of your time on being perfect, it is a terrible habit. Do your best and leave the rest on feedback. Just in case, you receive changes, you can make improvements as per advice.

You can’t make everything absolutely flawless but when you try to do it, you should be ready to waste a lot of your time. Therefore, try to make things as better as you can within the time you allocated for a particular task.

Final Words

If you follow above-discussed tips, you will definitely improve your time management skills and in the result, you will see better results, productively and less stress.

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