Write an Impressive Personal Statement to Ensure Your Entry in UK University


If you wish to apply for a UK based University, you must keep in mind that the grades that you avail at school might not be enough to facilitate your university entry and therefore, you must make sure to meet all other requirement as well. One of such requirements is “Personal Statement” which becomes even more important when you apply as an international student because when you start filling your application you see that you are also required to write a personal statement. Therefore, you must know how to write an excellent statement that could pave the ways for your admission. Here are some important things that will help you write an impressive personal statement:


Gather All Your Ideas

Hopefully you have clearly understood the basic purpose of writing a personal statement. Now you need to do one very important thing and that is to gather all your ideas on your computer or on a piece of paper.  You should gather every bit of information related to these points:


  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Activities
  • Attributions
  • Passion
  • Others


Once you have all the information, you can move to write your personal statement very easily as then you just need to use your writing and formatting skills to use the right information in the right manner.


Add “Positives” and Remove “Negatives”

As you know you can use a “Personal Statement” to enter a university, you should also know that you have to do everything within 700 words so you must try to use only the most focused, relevant and useful information. Don’t try to become a philosopher or use other’s philosophical statements to impress the readers. Instead try to give the real facts and figures that support your statement. What you should not use:


  • Negative words
  • Slag or abusive language
  • Fun or jokes
  • Contractions
  • Informal tone
  • Quotations
  • Disappointment


Create Original Statement and Avoid Plagiarized Content

You must write your statement in original words and avoid copying someone else’s work. If you think you don’t need to waste your time when you can copy ideas from someone else’s statement, you are absolutely wrong because you must create original ideas as the plagiarized content can be extremely dangerous for your admission. Remember that in case of plagiarized content detection, your application will be rejected immediately as there is zero tolerance against plagiarism in every academic institution in UK.


Opening Remarks


Most of the universities as well as colleges allow students to write a personal statement of 700 words at the maximum length. You might think that it is good because you don’t have to write thousands of words. At some extent you are right but on the other hand, you should also remember that you have to write your statement within 700 words which means you will have to use your best writing skills to create an excellent piece of writing that could make it easier for you to enter your favorite university or college. The main purpose of giving opening remarks is to grab the attention of readers and therefore, you must write something that is inspiring such as your experience, achievement or dream that you are chasing.


Prove Your Passion


You should always choose a program in a particular field that you find most interesting and you have already studied a lot about it. In your personal statement, you need to define that you really have the passion for what you are going to do by getting admission into a particular program at the university. Here you can tell a little bit about your overall achievements in the same area of studies and what you have really learnt from your studies. A very simple advice is that you must ensure giving the most relevant information in your statement because it will greatly enhance the chances of your success. You must never tell something like about your personal travel, gathering etc.


Concluding Remarks


In your concluding remarks try your best to leave an everlasting impression so the readers can be compelled to think about you. Some students put a lot of efforts in opening remarks but in the later stage, give less importance to the concluding remarks. This is the biggest mistake most of the students make and you must never make the same mistake. In this section, you must try to highlight your achievement, source of motivation and inspiration.

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