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This type of narrative can be very useful when studying. Learn how to get the most out of it through a series of simple steps. If one learns to develop an essay correctly, it will play in all the academic career of the student.

The essay is a type of literary genre in which the author analyses, interprets or criticizes a specific topic in a brief and concise manner. Usually, it poses a single point of view and has a clear and determined structure. It is common for a university to require this type of writing, but it can also be really useful when studying, as it allows students to express their ideas around a thematic and discuss notions from their point of view. In this way one will demonstrate to the teacher that he is not only interested in the subject, but that he has an opinion formed around it. In addition, it is a good way to practice for an exam or partial writing. An essay is a personal opinion on a particular topic that contains arguments for and against the issue in question and ends with a conclusion. A good essay aims to present a point of view and convince the public. This is an academic writing in which the personal opinion of the writer is prime. This opinion must always be the result of an important reflection on a theme which, for the most part, is controversial. Let us see here how to write a good and argumentative essay.

First thing to do is to choose the theme. The topic needs to be relevant. Opt for current topics and think about the recipient, the target audience of the essay. After choosing the theme, one needs to do extensive research. Be sure to gather information from local and international media to learn the topic in depth. Visit different websites and take note of what you learn and the sources you visit in case you want to re-consult them. Remember that the ideas you develop should be backed up with documentation and if appointments do not forget the quotes and the footer. It is important to search for reliable sources to support all the arguments. Too Far from that what one might think, most websites are the last of the sources to use. Databases or Books are reliable for work of this scale. Similarly, if the Internet source is an official body, it will also have sufficient credibility. Always search for official sources and go directly to the information without any intermediary. Work on proven facts.

As one delves into the topic and go through the different portals or consult the bibliography indicated, he will find that there are some arguments that he cannot dismiss and must necessarily appear. To avoid forgetting them, be sure to make an orderly listing of the most important points and include them in the essay. Having previously informed of the topic one wants to deal with, one will realize whether the previous arguments have already been supported or not. If they are, all the work is almost already done, one just has to write the essay. Otherwise, one will probably have to continue the search or change the theme by another. Base the arguments on facts that can be proved to be true.

When one has his notes ready, determine the structure he will use. The best way to write an essay is by dividing it into parts. The most common mode is to place an introduction, a development and a conclusion. The first part should make known the thematic, the end of the investigation and the organization of the text. The body or development extends the information mentioned in the introduction with solid arguments. Finally, the conclusion reviews the central ideas mentioned and illustrates the author's opinion on the subject. Remember that it is an academic work so it is essential that you keep the formal tone, avoiding humor and sarcasm, as well as colloquial vocabulary.

The body of the essay should be divided according to the arguments one exposes. Thus, if someone exposes 5 arguments, he or she can limit himself/ herself to 5 different paragraphs. Obviously, one argument may be more difficult to defend than another. It does not matter, one can develop without a problem. Make sure that each argument is based on the sources that have searched for. In this way, one can bring credibility to the argument.

Finally, one will have to write a conclusion where he will summarize the arguments. And this best conclusion will definitely help to further highlight your opinion. Stay open to debate, even if the arguments seem irrefutable and the opinion carries the majority's support.

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