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How to Turn Your SME digital

In an increasingly globalized market, we found some relief in the face of a new scene. As already said more than once, which is very common in the same industry, companies of all sizes to compete, and even more common to see, "chips", and take a strong sign "deviation above." Size and resources have been factors always lead to success. Agility, reaction speed, proximity, customization, specialization, customer culture, the ability to customize the product or service, the customer is emotional elements play a basic role in decision-making (in addition to attitude, of course), sometimes in large multinational companies and positioning sized family there for the same occasion, the same level of competition.

Why should I Digitalise my SME

A major advantage of digital marketing is cost. I will not be cheap, but we can adopt the budget scheduled activities than traditional media. This allows SMEs to invest and produce different values of shares (digital mixing), with better results.

But How can Digitalise my SME

The key problem is that not all in a strategic way, because many people "need" does not understand why.

We have worked with a number of small and medium enterprises, we grew up with them. From these experiences, we have made the three pillars is important, before you start your digital operating SMEs should be considered:

1. Plan

This is the most important pillar. Everything we do, whether it is traditional or digital marketing. Planning is not the future, past, present and future. You have a good work is very short, there is a good background and setting goals, strategies, objectives and measurements will determine the type of implementation in.

I see one of the most common mistakes people make plans to separate campaign when working online and offline. We must understand that not living apart, a dependent on each other. Therefore, when the digital planning take into account what is the overall marketing strategy, we will do all in alignment with the overall objectives of the action. Only in this way can we achieve the goal.

2. Content

Content must generate information to generate. Content marketing is a series intended to generate, promote useful and relevant content especially for our consumers to reduce their attention to digital marketing activities. Good content is a will to make a difference, will draw attention to your calendar or Facebook wall, it is like a reach, comments or re-tweet, and with consumers most important commitments.

When the content generation must consider what our consumers want, or want to know before you buy our products or services. Our company does not produce the content we produce content clients.

Here are some questions that can help you plan and produce content:

  • How to generate this content?
  • My goal and how?
  • What are my goals?
  • What are you looking for what my goal is?
  • What generated content to my target?

3. Measures

Still, one of the great challenges and also one of the greatest difficulties faced by small and / or family is to define a communication strategy and use the online marketing as a strategy to enhance the perception and brand positioning. Which make entire digitalisation meaningless work, we all previous pillars, if we do not we find out what measures lead us to produce.

A great virtue of the digital part is that everything be measured accurately. This is very important for SMEs, because your investment cost / benefit assessment can almost immediately.

  • How many daily visits to the site?
  • How much do we have?
  • How much traffic I generate motion?
  • What commitments / achieve?

These are the basic questions that must be answered. We need to know that if we run a good country, if we are on track, or to rethink our strategy.

Some Effective Tools

There are free tools online that can help measure our actions. With Google Analytics (analysis), we can get, as the largest part of the visit, visits, we visited where data such as if we have an AdWords campaign, Google's own tool for our results. In social media, Facebook has its own set of points which can be used. If we implement an email marketing campaign, most of the tools do not allow data transfer, open rates, efficiency themes.

Power measurements will tell us what we do, if we keep our focus on digital strategy in place. He did not know the losses and expenses resulting from our time.

If you are interested in more information on this or other measuring tool, you do not stop to read my previous column, "It is not enough investment. Investment is also necessary to measure, where I talk more.

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