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Some Mistakes that Make Dissertation Writing a Tough Task

You will find very few tasks in life that are easy to perform because everything will create some trouble for you. The challenges you face in everyday life related to academics, social life, relationships and finance are not permanent but have to be tackled wisely to avoid long-term consequences. A student survey revealed that students usually face problems during their academic life as the level of academia increases. From junior school to high school and further to college nd doctoral university,students will regularly face some challenges.

One of the greatest challengesthat PhD students usually face is dissertation writing. Dissertation itself is not a tough task if you do it with passion and interest but a few mistakes make this a very tough task. Mistakes are made by humans but it is always a great idea to learn from them. Following are the mistakes that students make which leads to their dissertation writing becoming a tough task:

  1. Procrastination is evil:
    The most common mistake that majority of students make is procrastination. By leaving today’s work for tomorrow, students only make their present easier at the cost of tougher future. At any level of academia, procrastination has never helped students in making their journey easier. Talking specifically about PhD when there are numerous tasks to be done simultaneously, procrastination can have horrible consequences and make dissertation writing a tough task.
    Set your goals for the day and try to achieve them under all circumstances. Keep in mind that you will only make yourself worse off by procrastinating because this could be unaffordable at this stage of academia.
  2. Mismanagement of time:
    Another mistake that students make during their academic programs is mismanagement of time. Time is scarce and you will find it to be very valuable as you reach PhD. You will soon realize that wasting time during PhD program can be significantly costly and so you should make arrangements to manage time well. Allocate appropriate amount of time to various tasks ahead of time so that you can manage time well without compromising on any task. If you do not, be prepared to compromise on some tasks because dissertation would always be on your priority.
    Even after compromising on other tasks, your dissertation writing will become tougher if you do not manage time well.
  3. Ask a question put the problem:
    Just turn on your TV, wait for the ad unit, and carefully listen to the first sentence of rollers. Do you hear something like "in my stomach a noise?", "Do not have time for a full meal?", "Tired of the high interest rates on loans?"? This is the essence of the third strategy - set a clear challenge to those who are exposed to it, and then immediately offer a solution. The reader should understand that only you can answer this question.
  4. Comparing their performance with others:
    As a PhD student, do not compare your performance with any colleague because it will almost every time disappoint you. For dissertation writing, each student adopts a different strategy and hence you may feel like a colleague is performing better and faster than you are. You should always be concerned about your own work and strategies and consult your supervisor about whether or not your pace is fine. Take advice from supervisor and experts on how to perform better.
  5. Create intrigue:
    Do not lay out all the information on the move, make an element of intrigue. Make the reader interested and view the publication to the end.
  6. Lack of planning dissertation:
    Every task becomes difficult if it is not planned beforehand. Before you begin your dissertation from scratch, plan everything from research to writing so that the task becomes easier for you. Without planning, you will face a lot of difficulties in dissertation writing. A lot of students consider the deadline to be ‘too much’ and in this attempt fails to meet deadline in peace.

Learn from these mistakes and dissertation would not be a tough task for you.

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