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Writing essays for final exams is a fundamental part of the academic career but writing a "good" essay will be "fine" because you will probably pass the subject with a decent grade however writing a "great" essay is what will lead you to get the maximum Qualifications as a whole magna cum laude. We know that writing requires skills but these can be learned and reinforced with practice. What some forget is that behind a great essay there is an exemplary preparation, even before writing the first word on that blank sheet. If you want to stand out in writing those words, it's time to learn some vital writing techniques.

To get you started on the right path, it is important that you understand what you are asking yourself in the essay. Usually, essay questions include instructions or guidelines that you should read carefully to build the most accurate answer possible. Sometimes these questions may refer to comparing different works, works, situations; another favorite question is to demarcate and explain something. This tends to be the same as classifying the topic and highlighting its most important characteristics. Whatever the question, it is very important that you understand it. Sometimes it can be very helpful to use these three key questions:

  • First, what should you do? (What are the instructions)?
  • Second, what should you write about? (Topic, topic)
  • Third, how will you find the information you need to do it or where you need to get the contents to write the essay?

Try to answer those three questions at the beginning of your essay to get off to a good start. Likewise, if before you start you have some important doubts, take advantage and consult with your teacher without penalty, your essay will thank you.

Now, before you start writing, there is still preparation work you have to do and it starts with finding information. There is too much of it out there and if you are not sure what it is all about, you can waste a lot of time reading the wrong stuff. That is why it is recommended to do a "search strategy": think about which resources or sources will be relevant and can give you the best and most accurate information on the topic. Then, identify the sources individually, for example: will you use any book, magazine, any specific web page?

If you are successful, at the end of this stage you will have in your hands a good material to work with. So, in this stage a good organization is the biggest key, since it will pay dividends when it touches the moment of writing. "UK Essays" experts recommend creating a document with all the sources organized, one way could be in blocks: introduction and its evidence; Then statistics as relevant information from another section, information to check or refute an idea and so on. This will help you draw a rough sketch within your "test plan".

Although, before reaching this stage, make sure you have carefully dissected your information and developed your ideas. Some use the "mind map" or "conceptual map" to spin their ideas and information and thus generate a solid structure on which to write; Whichever method you choose to organize your ideas and information, the "brainstorming" can throw interesting angles that you can include at the time of planning your essay,

Having a plan is absolutely vital for academic writing, not only because it is a help in structuring everything but also for you, the writer. The plan helps to articulate arguments while you carry the flow of writing. And this applies not only to essay papers or assignments but also to essays by way of exams. Take five minutes to read and plan at the beginning of the test, before placing your pencil on paper. This will help you not to stay with things to say or answer the question badly but it will also calm your nerves. The basic structure of an essay is usually composed of the beginning, middle, and end of an idea; or introduction, development and conclusion. Go back to the initial question, think what you are asking; then see the sources and finally plan your great essay.

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