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Writing Effective Summary and Response Essays

In your academic career, you would have to face a lot of challenges. They would include writing on difficult topics which are tough. You can use your experience to write on any topic, but if you do not know the basics about it, then it is of no use. Increase your knowledge and you can get to face any difficult challenge on your own. You can do all that without the help of cheap essay services. All you need is some basic information. When writing about summary and response essays, the most important thing is to know what these are. Read below to know more about these essay types.

How to write a Summary of an essay:

A summary is a brief interpretation of the central idea and concept in an essay. It is usually done by paraphrasing or rewording the original essay article. It is necessary to give credit to the author which has written the essay. The main thesis statement of the essay should be included in the summary because it has the essence of the main subject. The main purpose of the essay is supposed to be mentioned in the summary. You can even include direct quoting from the main essay so that it can give a nice impression. You should give credits to the writer and should also cite the resources he/ she have used. However, this is not a very important step to include, unless it directly targets the central theme. Most summaries start with sentences like "Mark has stated in his work..." or " Freud also claims that... ". A good estimate is to keep in mind that the summary should consist of one-third of the original essay.

What to do in an Essay Response:

Are you confused about how to write an essay response paper? Well, the procedure is simple. All you need to do is to give an evaluation of the essay. It will not be like the summary because it should include your own opinions rather than the original writer’s. It depends on you to take the preferred approach. You can criticize the work of the writer or you can present your likeness towards it. The other approach would be to present a balanced argument in which you will neither support or disfavor the essay’s content. You can observe the ideas which have been included in the essay; you can negate them if you like or agree with them. Moreover, you can provide your own set of strengths and weaknesses for the essay with the help of your evidence or supporting examples. The organization and the style of the essay is also something you can comment upon. However, a good response would be convincing. You should use the right wordings and strategy to prove your point and your perspective. Therefore, in order to make it logical; you need to include proper facts, examples or annotations (if you prefer). Providing your stance is also a good way to go about.

Once you know how to write the summary of an essay and an Essay Response paper; you can successfully score high marks in it. Knowing the inside out of an essay type is the key to do well on it. Therefore, you should research on every kind of academic paper because you might need to write on it someday.

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